Planet of the Apes fan art - Humans are back

I've been introduced to Planet of the Apes by my dad who has been a fan of the original films since seeing them in an amateur cinema as a teenager once the copies eventually made their way to Poland over the Iron Curtain. Then the new films came out when I was a teenager and I really enjoyed them, quite a story idea and a fun watch set in an interesting world. Now, I'll definitely see the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes that comes out tomorrow and in preparation decided to make a small fan art that's loosely set in the universe, something fun done over a few evenings - a small tribute to the franchise. I wouldn't necessarily self proclaim myself a fan of the franchise but there's something fascinating about it and given a chance I would've loved to work on the films. Cutting to the chase - I hope everyone enjoys the new film coming out, have a blast in cinemas and congratulations to everyone that has contributed to the film!